Magdalena Gerber’s works move in a force-field between art and design. They aim at surprising the viewer and inspire him new ways of perception.


TEXTES by Denis Pernet and Mònica Gaspar (EN/FR)


Cantonale Bern, Kunsthaus Langenthal/CH

From the December 6th of 2017 to the January 14th of 2018

Domestic Sculptures, 2013 - 2017, Exhibitionview (Foto © Martina Flury Witschi)


L'art contemporain peut-il être une fête?, L'aspirateur — Lieu d'Art contemporain Narbonne/FR

From the September 23th until November 25th 2017

Tablée II, Exhibition view


Domestic Sculptures, Espace témoin - ET, Genève

From March 9th to March 12th 2017


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Con[t]ract Earth—First Central China International Ceramics Biennale, Henan Museum,  Zhengzhou City, China, curated by Wendy Gers

From December 9th of 2016 to March 12th of 2017

Cantonale Bern Jura, Centre PasquArt Biel

From December 4th of 2016 to January 15th of 2017, Vernissage Saturday the 3th December from 17:00 until 18:30

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Le Retour at the Espace Témoin, the Gallery of the Ateliers from the GUS in Geneva.

From the 18th of the 31th of January 2016

Magdalena Gerber

Ahoy, 2016, Clay, 50 x 50 x 170cm ©MG

 The works Camera obscura / Tellerstories are showed in the frame of el Gusto del Design:

- Tellerstories in the Instituto Swizzero Milan in the frame of the unviversal Exhibition from 3 until 30 September 2015.
- Camera obscura on the 7th edition of the Design Days from the 17 until 20 September 2015 at the  Pavillon Sicli in Geneva

A piece of the Exhibition Where the whiteness go when the snow melts? in the Galerie Annick Zufferey in Carouge in the framework from the 14th Parcours Céramique Carougeois

Ausstellung Wolkensteine, Galerie Annick Zufferey, Porcelain Foam, Magdalena Gerber

[…] In WOLKENSTEINE [Cloud Stones], Magdalena Gerber addressed the challenge of modelling a ‘nothing’ by investigating the question of how can one make a form look unpremeditated and accidental, something between a found object and a leftover? The artist developed a material research where she worked with moulds, pressing in clay and allowing the material to expand randomly to a porcelain foam. […] Mònica Gaspar


Painting work for my new studio in the area of the SIP-Plainpalais with 30 other artist of the GUS / Groupement des usages de la SIP

Atelier dans l'ancienne SIP - Plainpalais / Künstlervereinigung GUS Groupement des Usagers de la SIP


Solo show Something wrong in the Galerie Esszimmer — Raum für Kunst+ from the 6th of March to the 24th of April 2014

Exhibition Views

Publication (DE)

Magdalena Gerber, Genf

The work Wolkensteine, 2013, is showed from the german galerie "das Esszimmer — Raum für Kunst+" / Bonn in the frame of the "Berliner Liste". This show is a part of the Art Week Berlin 2013.

Magdalena Gerber _ Wolkensteine, Keramik mit Porzellanschaum

Ceramic, variable dimensions  ca 40 x 40 x 50cm, © Magdalena Gerber

« Where goes the white, when the snow are melting? " This question from the Swiss artist Rémy Zaugg could give poetic entrance of this work.

In the frame of "Marseille-Provence 2013, European capital of culture, will be the

Opening of Château Borély — Museum of the Applied Art and Fashion of Marseille


Project (1Mo)

Illusions du Réel, 2013

Magdalena Gerber _  Videostills on 64 plates, porcelain, ceramic print, gold, laser engraving, 274 x 288 cm. Château Boréley, Museum for Applied Art and Fashion in Marseille

Videostills on 64 plates, porcelain, ceramic print, gold, laser engraving, 274 x 288 cm

Crédit photo © Mathilde Mestrallet

Magdalena Gerber _ Illusions du réel, Château Borély, Musée des arts décoratifs et de la mode, Marseille, Impression céramique, gravure laser, décor à l'or

Crédit photo © Mathilde Mestrallet

The installation, realized for this museum, can be seen indefinitely in the stairway

Magdalena Gerber _ Il Videostills on 64 plates, porcelain, ceramic print, gold, laser engraving, 274 x 288 cm. Château Boréley, Museum for Applied Art and Fashion in Marseille

Illusions du Réel, 2012, porcelain, digital ceramic imprint, 60 x 26 cm, Photograph: Magdalena Gerber. The work could be realized through the generous support of Groupe Eifage and Manufaktur Bernardaud.

Since the 14th century, plates served as furnishings and for decoration in the rooms in which aristocratic banquets were held. The 64 plates on the stairway of Château Borély are displayed on a wall shelve reminiscent of the period and which conveyed by the number of rows, the social status of the host, yet were also meant as a subversive ornament.

There are no hunting scenes or other dramatic depictions to be seen, but fragments of renovation, wall sketches, and peeled off color spots. In this manner, the installation places at center the craftsman who made the realization of such an estate possible.


Exhibition "Horizon – Landscapes, Ceramics and Prints"

Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, Oslo/N

14th of June 2013 – 23 of February 2014


Exhibition "La Manufacture de Langenthal" — Zwischen Industriedesign und Sonntagsgeschirr

From the 23 of May untill the 25 of November 2012

Musée Ariana Genf/CH

Dossier de presse

Dschinn I-IV, 2012

Magdalena Gerber - Dschinn 2012 - mousse céramique

Magdalena Gerber _ Dschinn 2012 _ mousse céramique _ détail

Porzellan, Knochenporzellanschaum, Plastik / Foto: Baptiste Coulon

The work Dschinn questions in a political-poetical way the disappearance of artistic ability and handcraft skill in Swiss porcelain production.

Langenthaler porcelain stacked like totem figures has been covered with a foamy layer of bone porcelain under which the contours of the pieces become indistinct.

They are reminiscent of shiploads of Chinese porcelain that have sunk in the ocean. Dschinn wavers between beauty and ugliness.

The sculptures from which escapes a transparent cloud – like a genie in a bottle – juxtapose industrial austerity with random shapes.

Text: Anne-Claire Schumacher, conservator, Musée Ariana, Genève and curator of the exhibition


Exhibition "Rathania's - Ars similis causus"

From the 22 of  September untill the 23 of October 2011

Musée Rath Geneva/CH

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Magdalena Gerber _ Engel, zaubere in der Nacht

Engel, zaubere in der Nacht  (Angel, make magic in the night ), 2011

Porcelain, Coton, Gold, Wax

Exhibition "Helvètes vulcains – a selection of pieces from the mudac* enriched by several recent creations"

From July 6 thru September 25, 2011

*Musée de design et d'arts appliqués contemporains, Lausanne/CH


magdalena gerber _ [...] Romeo, Apache, Galileo, Charlie [...]

[...] Romeo, Apache, Galileo, Charlie [...] (2011)

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Exhibitionvideo in french

Exhibition work "Camera obscura"*

in the vitrines of the Ministère de la Culture, Palais Royale / Paris.

From the 10 to 27 of February 2011

This exhibition presents a selection of pieces of the production of the Manufacture Bernardaud/F.

Pressdocument with biger pictures

Documents "New collection summer 2010"

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magdalena gerber _ camera obscura

*Box set of 6 dinner plates, Limited Edition of 1000

Order ind the shop BERNARDAUD, 11 Rue Royale, 75008 Paris (Mme Jensen)


magdalena gerber _ camera obscura

Opening, with Michel Bernardaud (CEO Manufacture Bernardaud), Frédéric Mitterand (French Minister of the Culture), Magdalena Gerber


Exhibition "Prints und Transferts" (2011)

Galerie Handwerk of the Handwerkskammer München/D

Form the 14 of January to the 24 of February 2011

More informations download broschure (3,5 Mo)

Some works:

Engel zaubere in der Nacht / Leermond (2010)

Porcelain, Cotton bandage / ink on handmade paper

Installation view in the Bruckner Foundation, Carouge/CH

500 x 60 x 80 cm

Some forty bandaged porcelain fragments are randomly stacked on a pedestal. They are in dialogue to twelve black circles on the wall - twelve empty moons during the year. Non-specific body parts are shown, but bone-like forms that refers to the fragmented / amputated body.

FamilyFiction (2010)

Installation Villa Dutoit, Genève

Sponsored by the swiss Porcelain Manufactur Langenthal SA

An restitution of memories in an affirmed timelessness. Narrations of open fictions that become the anonymous traces of a universal past.

Magdalena Gerber _ Family fiction


La Tablée (2009)

POST TENEBRAS LUXE, from the 25 of August till the 27 of September 2009

Dinner of the 27 of September for 40 Guests in the Musée Rath-Geneva, Photographie Sandra Pointet

On the swiss cultural radio, 28 of September, Radio DRS2, Martin Heule

"A rare moment. The privilege of sitting at an extraordinary table set for 40 guests on the lower floor of the Rath museum. And thus finding yourself at the heart of the mise en scène imagined by Genevan artist Magdalena Gerber to close the Post Tenebras Luxe (Luxury After Darkness) exhibition, a gorgeous baroque buffet entitled “La Tablée” (The Table of Guests).

Here tonight, everyone is a surprise guest, randomly drawn to share an exceptional dinner. Joy and curiosity are in the air, for gastronomic and social pleasures are blended together, while beauty mixes with music.

It is a true celebration of sharing and a feast of flavours, set in the pictorial landscape formed by 40 beautiful porcelain plates, each a unique piece that the guest will take home after the exhibition. Dominique Gauthier, Cook of the Year who was awarded 18 out of 20 by the GaultMillau, and his kitchen squad have devised this dinner under the discipline of service à la française, where all the dishes of a meal are served at the same moment. What a sight! It is so delightful it makes your head spin." (IN: © Feuille de Route 14 / Beau Rivage -Geneva)

Second life of the Tablée on Flux Labroratory, Geneva Download Flyer (300Ko)

Exhibition view / Photographie Sandra Pointet

> Project "La Tablée" in french (900 Ko)

> Media information of the project partner Hôtel Beau Rivage—Geneva

Musée Bellerive, Zurich,  Porzellan weisses Gold (2009)

What are about the decoration and the ceremonial of the table today?

That's the thematic of the exhibition  on the foundation of the  porcelain manufacture Bernardaud «Petits bouleversements au centre de la table " is her title. During 3 month in Limoges from the 25of June untill te 5 of October 2008.

The idea is to propose a new view of the art of the table with the combination of historical porcelain in relation with works form contemporary artists and designers.

A new serie of the work TELLERSTORIES is show.

Titre de la photo 1
_magdalena gerber _ tellerstories


in the salon Gustave Revilliod of the Musée Ariana, Av. de la Paix 10 — GENEVA / CH

Titre de la photo 1
magdalena gerber _ feuerwerk

TRACES DE RÉCRÉATION 2007 / Sheets of ceramics in the floor

Titre de la photo 1
magdalena gerber _ traces de récreation