PEAUX 2000 – 2003 / Installations
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traces de récreations
  • traces de récreations
  • traces de récreations
  • traces de récreations
  • traces de récreations
  • traces de récreations

Pupils burst into their playgrounds at break time. For a brief moment the playground becomes the epicentre of the turbulence of children, an explosion of life in this space which then returns to silence, until the next time.

The specific treatment of the terrace of the teacher's house was proposed when plans to redevelop the school playground and to construct a covered play area were being formulated.

Images were taken from video sequences filmed in the playground on several occasions during break time. Once the stills were selected, they were transferred onto the ceramic tiles. This mineralization of the fugitive image ensures its long-term durability. Set into the bituminous overlay, they are now part of the floor of the terrace.

With this carpet of apparition-like images, the children's presence continues through time.

Text by Christophe Beusch, Architect, Geneva

The 85 ceramic sheets with a dimension of 12 x 32 cm and a thickness  of 3 cm was realized in the CERCCO, Center of experimentation and realization in contemporary ceramics of the Geneva University of Art and Design.

Project is a collaboration from Magdalena Gerber and Christophe Beusch, architecte, Genève